*7:00 am and *11:30 am shuttle departing from Lake Sumter Landing to OIA as well as *7:15 am and *11:30 am shuttle departing from Brownwood to OIA are our Saver Shuttles and can be purchased at $30 per person. All other shuttle times are $40 per person, each way.

Brownwood® Airport Shuttle Schedule
Brownwood Station: 2705 W. Torch Lake Drive, The Villages, FL 32163

When you get off your plane:
Proceed to your designated baggage claim area whether you have luggage or not.
Once there, take the elevator down to Level 1 (Ground Transportation).
Walk outside the doors and look for parking space 14, 15 or 18.
The shuttle is white with green lettering and has the official The Villages® logo.

For Departures, The shuttle picks up at Lake Sumter Landing first and then proceeds to Brownwood. For Arrivals, the shuttle will drop off at Brownwood first and then proceed to Lake Sumter Landing.